Booking Terms and Conditions


By booking with us, you agree to the following terms and conditions:




Prices quoted are inclusive of GST and subject to availability.




Luxury Limousines Pty Ltd is not liable for mechanical breakdowns during charter. The client assumes full financial responsibility for any damage caused to the limousine during the rental. Luxury Limousines Pty Ltd is not liable for damages or loss caused by third parties. Liability is limited to the value of the client’s purchase. If a client cannot locate the Chauffeur and chooses not to contact us, the client will be liable for the full transfer cost.



 Changes to bookings are subject to availability. Additional fees may apply.

Extended Times/Additional Routing Instructions:

Overtime/waiting will be billed in 15-minute slots, subject to availability. Additional charges will apply for extra stops not confirmed at the time of booking.


We do not issue refunds or exchanges except as specified by the seller. Special event bookings are subject to 100% cancellation charges. Weddings/Special Events: A 50% non-refundable deposit is required on the day of booking for weddings or special events. The remainder is due one week prior to the event.


Additional Booking Terms & Conditions:

 The driver may terminate the run without refund for client indiscretion. Smoking is strictly prohibited. Clients are responsible for damage to the vehicle and a sanitation fee of $300. Luxury Limousines Pty Ltd is not responsible for delays due to hazardous road conditions. Clients must ensure luggage, prams, and other items fit within the vehicle’s boot capacity. Water consumption is permitted, but all other beverages and food must be approved and clients assume financial responsibility for any damage to the vehicle.



 Luxury Limousines Pty Ltd, its Operators and Licensees, reserve the right to use the services of other approved hire car/limousine/bus service providers as required. These operators have been pre-qualified by Luxury Limousines Pty Ltd and deemed to be of sufficient quality to provide services on Luxury Limousines Pty Ltd’s behalf. These providers, for the duration of the booking, remain under the supervision of Luxury Limousines Pty Ltd, its Operators and Licensees, at all times.




Pets are not allowed in our vehicles, except for guide or hearing dogs. Passengers traveling with these service animals must provide a blanket or mat for their comfort.



Smoking is strictly prohibited by state law in all vehicles operated by Luxury Limousines Pty Ltd. Charges may apply, determined at the discretion of the chauffeur or Luxury Limousines Pty Ltd, if any passenger is found smoking in one of our vehicles or in a vehicle provided by our service providers.



Lost & Found

Luxury Limousines Pty Ltd and its affiliates are not liable for any lost or misplaced personal property. Should a customer leave personal items in the vehicle, Luxury Limousines Pty Ltd will make every effort to return the items to the customer at their expense. Alternatively, the items may be collected from our Customer Service Centre.